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Services & Costs:

What can we offer you?

We compile a quotation to fit your company's needs.  No hidden costs - our quotes are calculated per financial year, which is what your pay, in monthly instalments (assuming that no SARS audits, queries or other inquiries arise).  These extra services will then be billed separately.
We will collect and return your documentation from and to your premises at a minimum travel fee in Heidelberg, Nigel, Springs, Balfour and Delmas.  For more distant areas, we will make use of e-mail & courier services.

Processing of VAT & Cashbooks


R 200 per hour

Payroll - Pay slips


R 30 per pay slip

SDL, PAYE & UIF forms


R 250 per month

Financial Statements


R 1,500 per year

Provisional Tax - Personal


R 300 per form (submitted twice a year)

Provisional Tax - Business


R 250 per form (submitted twice a year)

Income Tax - Personal


R 300 per year

Income Tax - Business


R 250 per year

Letter of Good Standing/Tax Clearance


R 200 per letter

Copies of Tax Clearance


R 10 per copy

CIPC registrations


R 1,500 per company

CIPC fees


R 200 per year, excluding actual CIPC fees

SARS registrations


R 550 per registration

Certificate of Income


R 100 per letter

Travel fees (depending on area)


R 50 per trip